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Everything You Need To Know About Sash Window Weights

Everything You Need To Know About Sash Window Weights

Sash Windows work as well as they do thanks to the counter weights (which are hidden from view).

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What are Sash Window weights made out of?

The counter balance weights for sash windows are usually made out of lead or cast iron. Lead is much more dense than cast iron, so a sash weight made of lead will take up less space.

How much should the sash window counter weights weigh?

Each sash window should be counter balanced by its weights. So a sash (including the weight of the glass) that weighs 10kg should have two 5kg weights.

For dual hung sash windows the upper sash should have its counter weights being around 1 pound (0.45kg) heavier than the sash weight (so it will drop down). The lower sash should be around 1 pound lighter than the sash.

Sash Window Counter Weight Online Calculator Tools

But – to make your life easier there are calculators online which you can rely upon to find the exact weight of sash counter weight!

Check out our sash window counter weight online calculator tool.

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